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Knife Buying Guide Infographics

Blade HQ has recently started creating some infographic buying guides to crack the code of knife anatomy. I’m a big fan of infographics, especially ones by David McCandless at Information is Beautiful. Check them out below. Also check out that the fixed blade knife model. I’m 99.9% that’s an ESEE-3 profiled. Anatomy of a Manual […]

Stormcrow Group - Benchmade Volli-132 copy

Review: Benchmade Volli Folder

Initial Impressions I picked up the Benchmade Volli folder as a new EDC folder to replace the SOG Mini Trident I permanently “misplaced”. I had been going back and forth on replacing a $50 knife with a $120 knife, but thought I’d spoil myself and upgrade. This is my first Benchmade knife, as I’ve carried […]

Eastern Mountain Sports - Fader Jacket

Review: Eastern Mountain Sports Men’s Fader Jacket

This fall, I was somehow incepted with the idea that I needed a new softshell. Okay, it’s not really “somehow”, but more like “willfully”. My North Face Apex Bionic is beginning to show it’s age after 6 years of constant use. While it is still going to be my go to everyday and yardwork jacket, […]

Pelican 1510 Camera Case - Review 1

Review: Pelican 1510 Carry On Camera Case

The Pelican 1510 is probably the holy grail of camera cases. Then again, Pelican really is the standard for bomb-proof gear protection, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. I wound up pulling the trigger on a Pelican 1510 after the frustration of trying to keep my gear organized among 3 shoulder bags and […]

Tenergy Lithium Ion Battery 12-Pack

Stop Buying CR123A Batteries At The Store!

Recently, all the batteries on my EDC flashlight’s died at once. I don’t know if it was a conspiracy or I just use the crap out of them. Either way, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve picked up CR123A lithium ion batteries. Since my girlfriend and I had to make a foray to the local […]

SOG Trident Mini - Closed Right

Review: SOG Mini Trident Knife

Initial Impressions I bought myself the SOG Mini Trident after being without my Flash II for about a year. I had broken the blade on my Flash II and thought all was lost; however, my father suggested I emailed SOG and see if they would replace it. I doubted it, but sure enough. SOG replaced […]

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Latest Hunting Gear Reviews

Gerber Big Rock Knife  - Left

Review: Gerber Big Rock Knife

The Gerber Big Rock Knife is a strange beast. It has boat loads of good reviews on Amazon, among campers, survivalists, and bush crafters. It’s a whole lot of knife for only $40, but I can’t tout it as the holy grail of knives. First off, it’s a beefy knife with a beefy blade and […]

Comfort Zone Hang On Tree Stand Unboxed

Coming Soon: Review of Comfort Zone Hunter Hang On Tree Stand

I finally gave up ground hunting as a lost cause here in New Hampshire, and picked up this tree stand from Dick’s. For only $34.98, I was a bit skeptical at first but it seems solid so far. A decent stand for the price, I’ll be posting a follow up review once I’ve had some […]

Mt Flume Summit -042012

Get Out There Fridays: Inspiration For Your Weekend

I’ve become a big fan of Tumblr latel and have started following a lot of bloggers who dig inspirational outdoor photography. For me, it serves as  daily reminder to get out there. I’m starting this weekly Friday series to share some photos from the past week to help you get motivated and inspired to get […]

Arcteryx Atom LT Jacket Logo

Initial Review: Arc’teryx Atom LT HoodyJacket

I picked up the Atom LT Jacket by Arc’teryx this season to replace my aging Montbell Thermawrap UL. While I can’t expound on the merits of the Montbell enough, it is, unfortunately, beginning to fall apart. Mainly, the insulation has worn down in areas like the elbows and back to the point where its just not […]

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Latest Shooting Gear Reviews

MP_PR_ 34

DVD Review: Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Precision Rifle

Overview Magpul’s latest instructional DVD, The Art of the Precision Rifle, will either bore you to death or quite possibly be the best modern long-range shooting DVD on the market. It depends on how much you like checking velocities, distances, and windage. And doing math. And inputting barometric pressures into a PDA app.  It’s not […]

Image Copyright Panteao Productions

DVD Review: Make Ready With Travis Haley Adaptive Carbine

Do you know the differences of zeroing at 25, 100, 200, 300 yards? Can you show your point of impact rises and falls within and beyond your zero? Fanboys rejoice. Travis Haley is back again with Panteao Productions Make Ready: Adaptive Carbine Content Accessories – strip them off, focus on fundamental weapons manipulations, then start […]

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